List of longest bridges in the AIN

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List of longest bridges in the AIN

Postby ulisse » June 27th 2017, 5:30 pm

Officially announced that the relative Wiki page on the longest bridges in Ain is officially operational.

The wiki page is divided into different categories according to the type of bridge.

To be able to insert a bridge requires this information.

Main Span:

If you want to edit the wiki page directly to improve the layout and/o directly enter the bridge you are free to do so.
On the wiki page there is more information about technical terms.

Here is an example.

Type: Suspension bridge
Picture: (Insert an image)
Name: Akashi Kaikyō Bridge
Location: Kobe, Japan
Length: 3,911m
Main Span: 1,991m
Traffic: Road
Year: 1998
Status: Operating
Comment: Add more information
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Re: List of longest bridges in the AIN

Postby Jost Van Kortag » August 4th 2017, 10:53 am

Type: Multi–span post-tensioned concrete box girder
Name: Confederation Bridge / Pont de la Confédération / Ponte della Confederazione
Location: Strait of Northumberland, between Cape Jourimain (New Brunswick) and Borden-Carleton (Charlotte Island), Acadia
Length: 12.9 km (8 mi)
Main Span: 250 m (820 ft) (43 segments)
Traffic: about 4000
Year: 1997
Comment: The Confederation Bridge is also known as the Fixed Link by the Charlotters
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Re: List of longest bridges in the AIN

Postby Otto » August 4th 2017, 1:22 pm

Type: cable-stayed, viaducts
Picture: linked
Name: Jaques Reichenbach Bridge
Location: Alouette Channel, between Lower Columbia and Kingston and Boyce
Length: 22.05km
Traffic: Highspeed Rail
Year: 1992
Status: Operating
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Re: List of longest bridges in the AIN

Postby Nanami » August 4th 2017, 6:42 pm

Type: Viaduct + Cable Stayed + Viaduct
Name: Natuna-Kasem Bridge
Location: Strait of Kasim. between Bankalan, Cibebek Province and Tanjung Pasir, Natuna Barat Province
Length: 13.7 km
Main Span: 770m
Traffic: 2x2 Lanes Expressway + 2 Rail Iines (slot available not yet operating)
Year: 2009
Status: Operating for Road Traffic. planned for rail lines.
Comment: Longest bridge of Karasem completed in 2009, 3 years after Kota Baru Link Bridge completed in 2006. Designed to handle road traffic and rail traffic. Currently only opened for road traffic while rail lines under planning.
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Re: List of longest bridges in the AIN

Postby jmsepe » August 15th 2017, 1:31 am

Name: Rakuzan-Towada Aqua Line
Location: Rakuzan, Kaijo
Length: 23 km ( bridge: 6,384 metres and tunnel: 16,616 metres)
Main Span: 380 feet
Traffic: 4 lanes of the National Route 5
Year: 2000
Status: Operating
Comment: Longest bridge in Teiko. It connects the Towada and Rakuzan Metropolis. The Rakuzan-Towada Aqua Line has two section, a steel box girder bridge with orthotropic deck and a bored shield tunnel. An artificial island is located in the center which serves as a transition between the bridge and the tunnel.
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