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Alliance Public Services Agency | AINESCO | Marco Caboto Project

Postby ulisse » June 1st, 2017, 3:04 pm


AINESCO officially announces the birth of the Marco Caboto Project where it promotes the cultural scanbio and the discovery of the traditions of other countries.
This project foresees the possibility that a student of the Ain nations to study in a country of Ain or make a training in a country.

The planned appropriation for the period 2017-2020 is 1 billion dollars, which, divided among all the participating students, make up the scholarship which gives the right to a sum of money and free membership in the host University. The sum received consists of a fixed monthly, given the difference in the level of expenditure, and a variable quota according to the income range. The scholarship also gives the right to a language course, and to the practice of a sport, at the facilities of the host university.

The posts are put into competition through a public call, usually in January, which is also disclosed through the website of its faculty. Once proposed, the application will be assessed by a special Commission which shall style the rankings within the following month. In the following year the student will be able to start in the semester he has chosen and will thus be able to face exams at the passed host University and then recognize in the University of his country after a period of about two months. However, for students excluded from the rankings there is a possibility of fishing for the destinations for which no one has applied.

In order to participate in this project, a nation must send universities that want to participate and the total number of students in the nation who are ready to join the project. In order to participate you must send this form.

Name of the Nation:
Names of the universities:
Total number of students:
(If other important information should be added)

The launch of this project be communicated later.
The logo of the project is tentative if someone wants to propose a logo is well pleased
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