2012 AIN Calender

All of the union's Cultural and Arts Exhibitions, along with many other General Events are run by and stored in this agency!

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2012 AIN Calender

Post by simsamerica » February 15th 2012, 7:51 pm

This is something I saw on the old AIN Site from 2009 and 2010 that I think would do well to be brought back.

Union-related events
Feburary- Obyershire Welcome Tournament
Feburary- Miss Sim Universe Pagent Hosted by Ascadylea
Feburary- Alliance Cricket Championship Hosted by Orange Free State
Feburary- V Alliance Winter Games Hosted by Linktoria
Feburary/March- AINvision Song Contest Hosted by Corraile
March- Villadia Auto Show 2012
May- AIN Baseball Classic Location TBD
July - Mediterranean Music Festival
August- Union General Election
December - AIN Snow Event

Non-Union Events
Yearlong- UFF Season

If you have anything you would like added to the calender from your CJ, or that I'm just forgetting, please let me know.

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